Things to Focus On when Writing a Killer Sales Copy

“If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you?”

Music fans around the globe would immediately recognise these lyrics, which were taken from the immortal folk-rock ballad, “If,” by Bread. However, while it captivated the hearts of romanticsduring its heyday, this particular line also tells a story about copywriting. Indeed, a picture paints a thousand words, but why can’t you paint a picture that sells?

Marketing has become very visual these days. Most Singapore copywriters and marketers of famous brands now use only a few words to describe their latest offers. They carefully choose their terminologies to make sure that their tag lines leave a lasting impact on their target consumers. Indeed, these are effective in captivating the attention of audiences, but at the same time, they are not enough to create an image that convinces them to make a purchase. 

Perhaps you cannot paint a picture that converts audiences into customers because your sales copy is not enough to convince an audience. But why so? If you are to ask an expert Singapore copywriter, you may learn that your sales copy lacks the following elements:

  1. A single, specific, laser-targeted objective.

What is your objective in writing a sales copy? Your answers may include the following:

  • Increase leads
  • Make sales conversions
  • Find new customers

So what is your primary copywriting purpose? If you don’t have a clear answer to this question, then it will also show in the way you furnish your sales copy. When people start reading it, they may feel confused and won’t even bother going through the rest of what you are saying.

Thus, it is vital that when writing a sales copy that works, you need to start with a clear, single, specific objective in mind. This objective will lead your readers to the direction you want them to follow, and the destination you want them to head towards, i.e., your call-to-action.

  1. A clear definition of your objective.

You may already have chosen one specific copywriting objective, but what’s in it? The next thing you need is a concrete definition of your goal.

Let’s say you are an on-call housekeeping service provider. Housekeeping services come in different kinds, such as all-in cleaning, drainage/grease tank cleaning, AC repair and maintenance, etc. Are you offering all these types of housekeeping services, or are you only focusing on a particular task, such as AC repair? Can your customers avail of different housekeeping services in one bundle, or is each service sold separately?

The specifics of your objective help a lot in creating a sharper image of the product you are selling. By laying down a definition for your sales copy, your readers know exactly what they are getting. Customers use the knowledge they have when deciding how to spend their money; providing them with precise information about your selling points gives them more reason to say yes to your offer.

You may also want to run some tests to draw trends from your audience. Which products are they most inclined to purchase? What makes them say yes to your offer, according to industry studies? Knowing these things also allows you to recalibrate your metrics and tweak your selling points, so you can get the customers that you are specifically targeting.

  1. A readable copy.

The first two points may sound technical, but at the same time exciting to put on paper; however, it is essential that when you translate your concepts, they should be readable.

Don’t make it difficult for your audience to read your copy. You are not writing to impress your readers, but to persuade them to convert into customers. Speak in a language they can easily understand, tell a story they can relate to, and highlight points that they can immediately remember. 

A compelling sales copy is one that sticks in a person’s mind. Hence, if you want to hit your business objectives, particularly in the long-term, then you have to speak in a way that compels your audience to remember you.

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